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Another Stop

Life goes on.


Hey My Friend

01. Me
Hi, I'm Kelly(aka poisoncake), a slash-addicted girl. (Yeah I ❤ slash!) Over 18 a few years ago (Oh no I will stay forever young! *grin*). I'm taking tedious courses in university, which really drives me CRAAAAAAAAAAZY sometimes. I am the owner of hp_bottom_harry and a co-mod of dracotops_harry. Just so you know, I'm not an English native speaker. So if you find me saying something sptupiiiiiid, do bear with me, plz? :)

02. This journal
It's created mainly for me to join some communities. *Hey* Yep. I use it to read and comment!

03. Something else
If you're interested in my save-lists, feel free to friend me, I'll friend you back if we have something in common.