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C : 37

Cactus Angels [NC-17] by lucilla_darkate
Summary: Draco likes to hurt him; Harry likes being hurt. It’s a win/win situation.

Call or Fold [NC-17] by daftfear
Summary: Harry teaches his friends to play poker but finds himself in a compromising situation when the stakes get too high.
Just a Poker Face [NC-17]
Summary: Sequel to "Call or Fold". Harry is Draco's slave for a week, but what does the Slytherin have in store for him? Maybe it won't be as great as he thinks.
My note: crossdressing, underwater!sex, D/s, polyjuice!sex. FYI, there is a scene where Draco and Harry took polyjuice, and sort of body-swap. But it remains Draco/Harry(top/bottom), at least ON THE SURFACE.

Calm Before the Storm [NC-17] by frek
Summary: He remembered one face in particular very clearly. The last face he saw in that room, the first face that he saw waking up here.

Care To Explain? [NC-17] by Closet Skeleton
Summary: It all started the morning Harry woke up and discovered that every last stitch of his clothing was gone.

Caress [NC-17] by kitty_fic
Summary: Healer-in-Training, Draco thought that dealing with the post-war wizarding world was difficult enough, without having to deal with The Boy Who Lived, himself. When Potter ends up under his care, he turns everything Draco thought he knew upside down.

Cat Got Your Arse [NC-17] by enchanted_jae
Summary: Draco may be suffering from a hex, but he isn't going to suffer alone.

Caught Staring [NC-17] by annelle
Summary: Harry doesn't much like Draco's friends.

Cede [NC-17] by bgd_thrifty
Summary: It's hard being with someone who holds back from you and Draco has had enough on that score. He will not take, but Harry will give.

Charmed Wool [NC-17] by winnett
Summary: Draco works for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department (MMAD). Tracking down an illegal knitter of charmed jumpers takes him to County Cork where he never expected to find the missing Chosen One.

Chasing Dreams [NC-17] by fantasyfiend09
Summary: Draco can't remember much of last night. Was it part of some nefarious plot? Or has he forgotten the best night of his life?

Cheating [NC-17] by annelle
Summary: Harry's had a really bad day, and is out looking for something to make him feel better.

Chocolate Series by fanofbellaandedward
Chocolate [PG]
Summary: Harry has troubles with getting his chocolate on his bread. Thankfully, Draco is there to help him with it.
Chocolate II [NC-17]
Summary: Draco is fed up with Harry's indifference to him and decides to seduce him with Harry's favorite candy: chocolate. This is going to be an interesting night. The sequel to Chocolate but can be read on his own!

Claimed [NC-17] by dragontara
Summary: Harry is investigating a crime when he crashes right in the middle of the Veela mating party. Five Veelas are very interested in Harry and already have him cornered, when one surprisingly familiar person jumps in for a rescue. But if you thought it was difficult to get five Veela suitors off your back when they were only showing interest and trying to impress, try to deal with a fiercely protective and possessive Veela, who is determined to claim you and taking no for an answer.

Closure [R] by seatbeltdrivein
Summary: It was very nearly strange, being not dead and not alive. Potter had it down to an art, though. He could move through walls, touch walls, be the fucking wall, and Draco still banged his shin and stubbed his toes against the damn things after his head was already sticking out the other side.

Club Scene [NC-17] by enchanted_jae
Summary: Draco is jealous, and Harry is oblivious.

Cocked Up [NC-17] by lea_anberlyn
Summary: Harry is having very vivid dreams about sex. With Malfoy. Something is clearly Not Right and Harry is determined to get to the bottom of it, if only to give his aching libido a rest.

Coercion and Confusion [NC-17] by roxierose13
Summary: Harry sees something and begins to question himself. Draco isn't being much of a help.

Collisions [PG13] by winnett
Summary: It has started like a fairytale, and as we know, even fairytales can have a collision or two.

Come Early, Arrive Late [NC-17] by enchanted_jae
Summary: raco and Harry can't get enough of one another.
My note: implied switching

Come For Me [NC-17] by frayach
Summary: After Draco is paralyzed in an accident, he and Harry discover a new way to make love.

Come Hither [NC-17] by ketsueki touji
Summary: Draco can't sleep, so he wanders the halls. He finds Harry alone one night, doing something fairly shocking!

Come Kid With Me [PG-13] by netrixie
Summary: Harry has a secret. And soon the whole school is going to find out. What does our favourite Hero do?

Come Now, and Let Me Dream it Truth [NC-17] by insuladraconis
Summary: Something strange is going on with the Fountain of Magical Brethren, and Auror Harry is put in charge of finding out what.

Comfort Food [NC-17] by arsenicjade
Summary: Harry never falls for the nice guys.

Coming Clean [NC-17] by fourth_rose
Summary: Harry has issues. Draco is surprisingly determined, devious as ever, and rather good at getting what he wants.
My note: It mentions that harry always tops in their previous sex life. Sequel to Playing Dirty, which can be read as Top!Harry.

Coming Home [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: Three times Draco Malfoy came home (and one time he almost didn't).
My note: Switching, mostly bottom!Harry. Graphic bottom!Draco scene in scene 2.

Consequences [NC-17] by by_starkiller
Summary: N/A

Condoms [R] by Pulele Hua
Summary: Harry and Draco have a minor problem, and Harry has an idea to use a Muggle product to fix it. What was he getting into when he took Draco to a Muggle store?

Confessions of a Kept Man [NC-17] by softly_sweetly
Summary: Prompt - Lots of kinky bottom!Harry sex

Contacts [NC-17] by maja_li
Summary: How is Harry supposed to find what he needs, when he doesn't even realize he's looking?

Convergence [NC-17] by alisanne
Summary: Harry and Draco want to be alone, but it seems impossible, until a convienient set of events help them to achieve their goal. Is it all a coincidence?
My note: implied switching

Counterpoise [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: Draco, as per usual, is in trouble, but this time Harry cannot help him. Or so he thinks. (Basically, it's like The Frog Prince, but without frogs, a princess and a magical kiss, and with a tiger, a cranky Auror, self-confidence issues and penetration.)
My note: implied switching

Courage to Trust [NC-17] by hanyou_sensei
Summary: “Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.” Maya Angelou
My note: switching, not-too-graphic mentions of Harry-topping-Draco

Cross Road Blues [NC-17] by yodels
Summary: Draco Malfoy has been in hiding for three years when Harry Potter finds him on a rooftop.

Curiousity and a Cat [NC-17] by maja_li
Summary: None

D : 36

Dark Fantasies [NC-17] by irana
Summary: Draco has a desire, one that has become almost an obsession. Malfoy's always get what they want, even if they have to take it.

Dark Loving [NC-17] by freakingcrups
Summary: Draco and Harry like to role play in the bedroom. Harry's favourite role play consists of Draco in his Death Eater robes.

Darker Than You Think [NC-17] by lomonaaeren
Summary: Draco and Harry have been together for some time before Draco learns about the abuse Harry suffered at the hands of the Dursleys. Harry expected him to explode. But what he wants is to explode with Harry's permission-and he's perfectly willing to seduce that permission out of Harry if he doesn't get it any other way."

Date Blindness [NC-17] by dysonrules
Summary: Harry thought he was perfectly happy until Hermione decided to set him up on a blind date.

Dear Harry, Love Draco [NC-17] by mk malfoy
Summary: Draco wants to help Harry forget about his problems.

Déchiré [NC-17] by Constance1
Summary: Harry allows Hermione to give him a make-over to win Ron's heart, but is suddenly torn when Draco Malfoy unexpectedly falls for him one night. Also contains RW/HP, eventually DM/HP.

Delicious [NC-17] by ladyvader
Summary: A midnight snack reveals deeper cravings than expected.

Denude [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: This is a HBP AU. It's set a few days after the Sectumsempra scene and takes the story in another direction, asking the question: "What if the Sectumsempra scene had a greater impact on Harry and Draco?"

Desire [NC-17] by marriesue
Summary: Sort of epilogue compatible, it's better to read as 'a singular moment in time'. Draco and Harry led different lives after the war. Right before Draco's 31st birthday, their world clashed; an accident involved an unexpected yet perfect collusion, with the aid of Firewhisky. There isn't that much plot in it. It's written for Draco's birthday. It took longer than I thought to finish…. The title is very telling, don't you think?

Desire Unveiled [NC-17] by frayach
Summary: Harry is emphatically NOT a pouf, and thus his reoccurring fantasies involving Draco are due to his Occlumency lessons with Snape, NOT to his sexuality. Or so he tries to convince himself. Meanwhile, Voldemort has returned, and Harry is about to learn that he is the Chosen One – whether he’s ready or not.

Desperately Wanting [R] by leo_draconis
Summary: Harry's upset that Draco doesn't want children, and when he discovers he's pregnant it only makes matters worse. He decides that leaving Draco is his only option, no matter how miserable it might make him.

Desperation [NC-17] by ashiiblack
Summary: Draco and Potter are casually hooking up. When Draco realizes Potter is trying to turn things into a relationship, he decides to make sure that mistake will never be made again.

Warning! Just now I clicked one link of this series, and I was warned by my anti-virus software that this site is infected.
Desperation Series by Consternatio
Desperation [NC-17]
Summary: Harry. Draco. Heat. Hate. A wall. Sex. You do the maths......
Restraint [NC-17]
Summary: Draco wants Harry to dress pretty got him. Cross dressing. Sequel to Desperation.
Bruised [NC-17]
Summary: The bruises had taken a week to fade... Sequel to Restraint.
My note: Draco's dirty talk of threesome and he being the "middle" one.
Changes [NC-17]
Summary: Harry will never look at the Potions Classroom in the quite the same way again... Sequel to Bruised.

Detention with Professor Malfoy [NC-17] by jennavere
Summary: Draco's got a rather adventurous fantasy, but when Harry scoffs at his ability to pull it off, our favorite Slytherin concocts a very cunning plan to make it happen. Draco/Harry slash.
My note: hint of switching

Dinner Theatrics [PG] by scarlettlilly
Summary: Another dinner with the Weasleys.

Dirty Job [NC-17] by ladyvader
Summary: A day at work can be hell unless visitors show up to (umm) amuse you.

Dirty Little Secret [NC-17] by sesheta_66
Summary: Having Harry all to himself - meeting up in private and fucking into the wee hours of the morning - is exhilarating, empowering, and more than a little intoxicating. Until it isn't. Somewhere along the way, Draco realised he wanted more. More than Harry is willing to give.
My note: implied switching, Harry's first time bottoming

Distorted [NC-17] by dulcemori
Summary: He knows that he’s in Malfoy’s captivity, that he’s wandless, under a spell or drugged — perhaps even poisoned. His limbs are heavy and his skin over-sensitive, amplifying every touch, every degree of external temperature. There’s a nauseating feeling of malaise.

Double Trouble Series by freakingcrups
Daddy's Week with Cassi and Lyra [PG]
Summary: Harry is going away for a week and Draco is positive that he'll be fine with their five year old twin girls. However, he quickly finds out how wrong he is.
Savouring the Moment [PG-13]
Summary: Double Trouble Series. The twins are sick with the flu, so Draco and Harry try to make the most out of the quiet time.

Doubt [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: Harry has some doubts; Draco has a solution.

Draco and the Muggle Blender [PG-13] by 9fn432
Summary: Draco's patience is tested by Harry's unusual and particular demands. It doesn't help that there are some additional complications brought on by Harry's condition.

Draco Malfoy is a Bastard [PG] by valinorean
Summary: Draco Malfoy is a selfish bastard who only thinks of himself. But everyone already knows that.

Draco's Scoop [NC-17] by ashiiblack
Summary: Draco covers the grand re-opening of the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Draco secretly has a crush on Potter. To his dismay, it appears as though Potter may already be taken.

Draco's Boy [NC -17] by empathic siren
Summary: Non-magic, AU. Harry and Draco meet as eight-year-olds after Harry moves in next door. Draco takes a liking to Harry and decides to make him his boy. Follow them as they grow-up together, learn each other's deepest secrets and, after a little bit of angst and a whole lot of UST, fall in love.[both boys got fingered]

Draco's Lucky Day [NC-17] by freakingcrups
Summary: Draco hasn't been very lucky in bed since the inquiry has begun into his involvement with You Know Who. However, when Pansy slips some Felix Felicis in his tea in an attempt to get him laid, the last thing he expects is to have Harry Potter snog him. And by Merlin, it's the best kiss he's ever had.

Draco's Not So Good Day [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: Harry receives a peculiar present and an even more peculiar note.
My note: It's cute. LOL

Draco's task [NC-17] by kubrick_potter
Summary: Draco wasn't sure how to feel at first. He knew that the moment that he walked into that bedroom he was going to be greeted by an angry, spitting Harry Potter.

Dragon Lily Series by megyal
Dragon Lily [NC-17]
Summary: Written for friend of mine (naughtylaundry), who asked for fluffy mpreg H/D, and one where Draco has some sort of high position. Not much canon-compliant.
Forever Young [PG]
Summary: Prompt 1: Still we are invincible We thought we’d be Forever young. David Usher, Spotlight On. Sequel to “Dragon Lily”.
My note: There is another fic set in the same universe which contains bottom!draco scene.

Dragons With Silver Linings (or Harry Potter is a Treasure) [NC-17] by megyal
Summary: Harry is living a life most ordinary; maybe a dragon can shake things up.

Dresses 'r' Us [NC-17] by maschapluis
Summary: Harry is out with his cousin and some friends when he gets propositioned by a drunken Draco Malfoy. It might have something to do with the tight little green dress he's wearing. On the other hand, Malfoy is wearing a tight red little number so it might not be. He does make a very good point though and Harry goes along for the ride.
My note: crossdressing!Draco

Drunkenness Can Get You In Trouble [NC-17] by owlssayhoooot
Summary: Harry catches a drunk Malfoy in the halls one night, who reveals something he maybe shouldn't have. How does Harry take this news, and what happens when, the next morning, Draco finds himself in Gryffindor Tower, with a hangover, and barely remembering what happened the night before?

E : 23

Easter Special [PG-13] by ~bored137654
Summary: A visit to Sweden, where Harry told Draco he is pregnant.

Eat it [NC-17] by curlee_cue
Summary: "Potter, I'm only going to say this once. You're going to finish your supper. Now, you can have some self respect and do it yourself, or I can shove it down your throat while everyone here watches. Your choice."

Eavesdropping [NC-17] by silyara
Summary: Draco begins disappearing into the Room of Requirement again, and just as before, Harry wants to figure out why.

Éclairs [NC-17] by earthquakedream
Summary: Christmas holidays, and Harry’s all alone, except for Draco Malfoy. Who keeps on hitting on him. Harry turns the tables though. He wasn’t almost put in Slytherin for nothing…

Eden (Revisited) [NC-17] by michi_thekiller
Summary: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. With knowledge comes suffering

Eggplant Parmesan [R] by potteresque_ire
Summary: In which Tomato!Harry and Eggplant!Draco fell in love. A shopping cart romance blossomed before decay and death consumed our beloved veggies will Veggie!Heaven be where one lets go of the past, while keeping faith for the future? Crack!fic.

Elurot Det Alsmai [NC-17] by eanelinea77
Summary: When Draco walked through his door, Harry knew his quiet world was about to turn upside down.

Empty Nights [NC-17] by winterstorrm
Summary: Draco and Harry have had this ‘thing’ for months now. It’s ‘just sex’ though, right?
My note: implied switching

Encantado [NC-17] by onaxe
Summary: When Draco reverts to his creature heritage, Harry is determined to find a cure at the same time as hunting down the dark wizard responsible.

Encounters [R] by moirae59
Summary: Harry knows that there is another werewolf in Hogwarts but who is it and what does it want?

End of Term [NC-17] by prillalar
Summary: Harry finds something he didn't go looking for.

Endurance [R] by bgd_thrifty
Summary: After the steady deterioration and eventual breakdown of his relationship, Harry finds it hard coping alone with his 'bundle of joy'.

Engorgia [NC-17] by fr333bird
Summary: Draco is left with an embarrassing and painful problem after an accident in his potions lab. Harry is the mediwizard who takes the case.

Engorgio [NC-17] by Constant Vigilance
Summary: Vince casts an enlargement spell...on the wrong person.

Entwined [NC-17] by zahra
Summary: A house-warming.

Even angels have a wicked scheme (you'll always be my hero, even though you've lost your mind) [NC-17] by megyal
Summary: prompt:The process and product of their infidelity.(My sum: I think Ginny would have shouted at Draco like this "Bastard! You knocked my husband up!".XD)

Every Fifteen Seconds [NC-17] by bsmog
Summary: The faceless men Draco Malfoy fights these days don't offer redemption or salvation. They don't offer answers or even friendship. Draco is tired of answers, and though he still has a few friends, most of them have lives of their own and can't understand how Draco is still haunted by the ghost of someone he hasn't seen in four years. And as for salvation, Draco gave up on that years ago. Because even the Saviour couldn't be saved.

everyone has a price [NC-17] by kit and jynx
Summary: He's not generally inclined to pay for sex. Why pay when you can get it for free? However, this one's different. It's not every day that you spot the great Boy-Who-Lived standing on a street corner waiting for his next trick.

Everything He Wanted [R] by pessen03
Summary: Harry spent the summer before 8th year rebuilding Hogwarts, but if there was one thing Harry had not expected to find, it would have been stepping out on the grounds one morning to see Draco Malfoy wrist deep in dirt, planting new trees in the Forbidden Forest.

Everything I Love [PG] by kitty_fic
Summary: With the hot and cold mood swings Draco was having, you'd almost believe he was the one that was pregnant.

Ex Libris [NC-17] by fourth_rose
Summary: A library is a place that's useful for all kinds of purposes... as Harry and Draco are about to find out.

Exactly Where I Like You [NC-17] by kjmom1
Summary: Harry is an exhibitionist. Draco is a voyeur. It works out pretty well for them.

Exposure [R] by charmed310
Summary: A happy marriage can still be full of secrets and lies.
My note: implied switching

F : 26

Fallen Angel [NC-17] by enchanted_jae
Summary: Harry has fancied Draco Malfoy for years, even after learning Malfoy is part Veela. When Malfoy decides to host a fancy dress party in hopes of finally choosing a mate, Harry isn't going to waste the opportunity.

Fantastic Breasts & Where to Find Them [NC-17] by Ishafel
Summary: Harry tries something outside his comfort zone.

Fantasy Lover [NC-17] by nicevenn
Summary: Harry came across an intriguing potion in the adult section of Weasley Wizard Wheezes.
My note: hint of switching

Feeling Inspired? There's a Charm for That. [NC-17] by steamyaffair
Summary: Draco is feeling creative; Harry is his muse.

Fever Dream [R] by lomonaaeren
Summary: Surrender. Dreams. Flowers. Heat. This is Harry's haven, what he's earned and what he chose.

Fight the Starless Midnight [NC-17] by maab_connor
Summary: Harry thought that he was going to arrest Healer Malfoy for practicing without a license. Nothing ever goes as planned.
My notes: Mentions of bottom!Draco(w/ Harry and others). But nothing too explicit.

Filthy Mouth [NC-17] by DevientGrey
Summary: Draco fell back onto the bed. This could not be happening to him. Potter looked astonished. "Wait…wait, wait, wait. So…you're saying that…in order to end the spell," he took a deep breath, "I'm going to have to let Malfoy…bugger me?"

Finders Keepers [R] by faithwood
Summary: Draco knows how to get out of trouble. And into more trouble.

Fistful of hair [NC-17] by mesosalphynx
Summary: Dominant Draco. Harry starts a very superficial relationship with Draco during the war, can it ever become something more?
My notes: Draco got fingered at the very end.

Five Pivotal Parently Moments [G] by thinkxpink
Summary: Five moments in Harry and Draco's parenting life that they will always remember.

For Better or Worse [NC-17] by kjmom1
Summary: Harry and Draco reminisce and reflect on the beginning of their relationship.

For Better, For Worse [NC-17] by skriftlig
Summary: Draco didn't think it was possible to hate Harry Potter any more than he already did. But when Potter moves into the Manor and becomes Draco's step-father, Draco discovers it might just be possible to feel something else instead.

For Draco [NC-17] by _mensrea
Summary: When Draco asks a favour, Harry obliges. Happily.

Forbidden Magic [NC-17] by pandora_chaos
Summary: When Harry stumbles upon his wife's romance novel, he doesn't quite know what to make of the fact that she's clearly reading gay porn. It's not until he meets the author of the novel that he truly appreciates the literary genius.
My notes: Implied Switching

Forever and a Day [PG] by singlemomsummer
Summary: Draco's got all the attention in the world but all he really needs is sitting at home.

Fortune-Spelling [R] by mtranc3
Summary: Harry, Draco, an empty classroom, and a bit of fortune-telling as an excuse.

Fragility [PG-13] by EliraWinter
Summary: Harry in subspace.

Fragments [NC-17] by avenalanon
Summary: a first kiss, a second kiss, a dinner date, a sexcapade, a proposal.

Friday Night Fantasy [NC-17] by eanelinea77
Summary: Draco looks forward to Fridays

Fridays at Seven [NC-17] by secretsalex
Summary: It was too late the moment you walked through the door.

Friends [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: One of those "friends turned lovers" fics. Sort of.

Frills and Spills [NC-17] by Amy
Summary: Harry lost the bet, he gets to wear the bloomers. And the dress.
My note: Brief mentions of bottom!Draco.

From Ashes [NC-17] by freakingcrups
Summary: He thought that leaving England would be the most difficult thing he'd ever do, but he found that coming back was worse. When Draco bumps into Harry with a baby in tow, he felt his heart breaking in half knowing that Harry had the family he always wanted, the family that Draco couldn’t give him, but little does he know, there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

Frozen Delights [NC-17] by yaoified
Summary: Sometimes, it’s best not to get involved in other people’s affairs… especially if said affair includes a certain frozen treat.

Fuck Me I'm Famous [NC-17] by Resimesdra
Summary: Have you ever wondered what Harry Potter's life would be like if he had not ran into Ron Weasley on the train? If he had accepted Draco Malfoy's offer for friendship and gotten sorted into Slytherin, just like the Sorting Head had suggested?
My notes: Lots mentions of imaginary bottom!Draco in CH.2. :|

Fucking Virginity [NC-17] by philalethia
Summary: N/A [Harry's two first times.]
My note: Switching. But due to Harry's "little problem", it may count as "mostly bottom!Harry". Orz

G : 19

Gentleman Pervert [NC-17] by digitallace
Summary: Can Harry come to terms with both Draco and his werewolf form? And more importantly, can Draco come to terms with it?
My note: Implied switching, Harry's first time bottoming.

Getting to Know you [NC-17] by tryslora
Summary: McGonagall orders Harry and Draco to go spend an evening in Hogsmeade and have a few drinks, talk, and get to know each other. Her attempt to stop her new professors from fighting works far better than she might have expected.

Ghostly voyeur [NC-17] by herumtreiber
Summary: In their Eighth Year, Harry and Draco search for an important potion ingredient in a cemetery.

Gifts [NC-17] by hanyou_sensei
Summary: Complete AU. Harry is given the only gift he wants while giving Draco the only gift that he can.

ginger [NC-17] by tinarebekka
Summary: After an initial misunderstanding Harry gets what he wants.
My note: hint of switching

Give It Away Now [NC-17] by sksdwrld
Summary: Harry has had a lifetime of bad first time experiences. Assuming his first time with a male partner is going to suck like anything else, he agrees to let Malfoy take him home. What he doesn’t realize is that it’s going to suck, but in a way he never anticipated.

Give me Sweet Oblivion [NC-17] by tryslora
Summary: Italy seems like a long way to go to keep a fetish secret. But the club is exclusive, and the far away location, and Muggle nature, promises anonymity from Wizarding Britain. The only problem is that sometimes, great minds think alike.

Giving Back [NC-17] by ravenna_c_tan
Summary: Harry still has Draco's wand. A few years after the war's end, he is determined to give it back and make Draco its rightful owner once again.
My note: implied non-con bottom!Draco/Others

Gluttony [NC-17] by switchknife
Summary: Professors Potter and Malfoy have breakfast.
Fulfillment [NC-17] by switchknife and anise_anise
Prequel: 'Gluttony', which you don't have to read first, although you'll probably enjoy this story a lot more if you do.
Summary: Sex. Er. That's about it..

good intentions [PG13] by darkvictory
Summary: songfic [*drarry]

Goes Like This [NC-17] by tigersilver
Prompt: "To be a father" wasn't on Draco's to-do-list yet when he found out Harry was pregnant he started to plan how to spoil him/her rotten. Doting!Draco please. :)

Gossip X [NC-17] by danikos_realms
Summary: Harry comes home to find his flatmate with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Got You Where I Want You [NC- 17] by leo_draconis
Summary: Harry can't stop wondering what it would be like to be fucked, but when he asks Ginny to use a toy to help him find out she refuses, despite the fact that she expects Harry to cater to every kink she wants to try. Desperate to figure out what he wants, Harry ventures out to a gay club and sees his old rival Draco Malfoy fucking a bloke into the wall. Afterward, he no longer has to wonder – he knows he wants to be with a man, and when Draco propositions him he finds it very hard to refuse.

Grand Noble [NC-17] by celestlyn
Summary: With the relationship still new and Yule approaching, Harry and Draco go shopping. Things do not go according to plan and as they confront their cultural differences, they come together in some surprising ways and learn some things along the way.

Green-eyed Trouser Snake [NC-17] by yesiamnot
Summary: Draco does not want to attend Hermione's New Years party. Insanity insues...

GreenEyed Monster [NC-17] by owlssayhoooot
Summary: So this is just my birthday fic/Halloween fic for October/November 2008. Basically, it's just a super jealous!Harry and flirtatious!Draco. They go to a restaurant for a Halloween dinner, where the waiter shamelessly flirts with Draco, blatantly ignoring Harry, who is sitting right across the table from him, and Draco flirts back. Naturally, Harry's inner chest demon gets the better of him, and he can't stop his outright rage at the both of them. Hot angry sex ensues.

Grocery Shopping [NC-17] by ifyouweremine
Summary: Wherein Harry and Draco fight and then have really intense sex in a back room in a grocery store.

Guilt's Companion [NC-17] by faithwood
Summary: Draco knew what late night messages from the Head of the Auror Department meant.
My note: implied switching

Want more? Check them out:  #-B   ♥   H-N   O-S   T-U   V-Z   Threesome&Other/Harry   bottom!Harry Fest Fic Save-list   Recs(with more details)
Tags: bottom!harry, bottom!harry-list, pairing: draco/harry, save-list, top!draco, ♥ recs ♥

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