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16/03/07 Update: Guidelines to my bottom!Harry Save Lists@LJ and Harry-centric reccing list@Diigo

2016/03/07 Last updated: Fest index.

Guideline to my Harry-centric reccing list@Diigo

1. The reason Why I decided to start a Diigo fanfics reccing list and credits to some list information:

2. What kind of fictions will I find here?

  • I read All/Harry. So, as many slash pairings involving Harry as possible. :D......Only slash fics. Link to my Diigo page.

3. Some tips may be helpful to you:


  • This is a Harry-centric reccing list. So every pairing tag begins with "HP". Besides, you can easily select any pairing referring to the drop-down list.

4. Fics sorted by
5. The reccing list and this guideline are both under construction...But anyway enjoy the recs!

FAQs of my top!Draco/bottom!Harry lists@LJ

1. What kind of fictions will I find here?

  • Hi everyone! Kelly here. :) I have very few squicks so you may find almost everything here, umm, maybe except top!Harry fics. You may also find some switching!fics with notes stating Draco bottoming in which chapter.

2. What's your definition of bottom?

  • Just so you know, this is a list focusing on bottom!Harry, so I'd better clarify my definition of bottom/top first. Bottom!Harry means Harry is the one penetrated anally. It has nothing to do with his characterization, being dominant or submissive. Though, when I include a fic in which there's no sex scene or any mentions of top/bottom, I may take Harry's characterization into account. You're more likely to find low rated fics with a more-submissive-than-his-partner!Harry. Personally, I tend to read a slightly more submissive Harry who bottoms in their bedroom too. Though I enjoy aggressive!bottom!Harry as well.

3. Why some fics are marked with a little ? What about those in grey and without a link?

  • Most of the fics listed here are those I have already read and complete. Sorted by Alpha. Fics with a little heart are my personal favourites and recs. Oops, those in grey are no longer available on the net.

4. Where can I find all the bottom!Harry related lists? Updates?5. How can I have access to the f-locked posts?

  • For the moment, no longer accepting friends request, sorry. Most of the lists are public. The save-lists will be posted to hp_bottom_harry gradually. You may need to join the comm to have access to the lists.

6. OMG, I find some fics have bottom!Draco scenes without a warning!!!

  • Oh dear, if you find any fic like this please do let me know! PM me or leave a comment to this post, that's much appreciated!

7. I just finished reading a very well written top!Draco/bottom!Harry fic but seems like it isn't in the list. How can I rec it?

  • So far I have received some fics/authors' recs and I'm grateful for your taking time to let me know! Thank you! ♥ If you want to share your recs too please contact me! PM me or drop a comment to this post! *kiss*

8. I'm not sure if I get your notes...

  • First of all, I would say that I'm more of a bottom!Harry fan than a top!Draco one. (You got it?) Though, when I'm giving notes like "mentions of bottom!Draco", I just don't want to read the part where he takes it up know, willing or not. Now just let's make the note system more clear! Here we go:

  • Implied switching: the sex on screen is/are top!Draco with non-explicit mentions of bottom!Draco

  • Hint of switching: I caught a glimpse of switching...maybe I'm a little too suspicious. Sorry. *run away*

  • Possible switching: mentions of bottom-reverse in the future

  • Some fics may not contain penetrative sex, and there're no references to top/bottom either. I will mark them [drarry] (except Mpreg!Harry fics).


  • 2013/03/28 Bottom!Harry reccing online bookmark is up.

  • 2013/05/02 Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry update post: 13 new.

  • 2013/04/27 Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry update post: 22 new.

  • 2013/03/05 Top!Draco/Bottom!Harry update post: 24 new.

  • 2013/03/04 HP Kink Fest & Valentine Veela save-lists update

Fest index:

· DracotopsHarry
· H/D BigBang new
· H/D Erised new
· H/D Mpreg new
· H/R Holidays
· HP BigBang
· Harry Submits
· HP SpringFling
· HP SummerSmut

Once the save-list is done you can click the fest listed above, which will lead you to the save-list page.
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