Pants at reviewing/commenting

Every time I read a good fic I was like "OMG IT'S PERFECT" "I LOVE THE CHARACTERIZATION SHE CREATED IT'S JUST SO THEM" "OMGOMGOMG I'M SO HAPPY" and all I can manage to reply is "this is such a lovely fic thank you author!"
I wish i were a bit more articulate. :/

Source: bottom!Harry bookmarks

NEW A guideline to my Diigo reccing list is up!

So finally I decided to do this...:D

As some of you who joined this community may know, I started composing a list of top!Draco/bottom!Harry fics (here) at the beginning of 2012. But later on I f-locked the list (though most of them are public now). As my account which was used to just be a fandom thing developed to something half-personal, I don't respond to friends adding request by totally strangers any more. Therefore I started this community as another platform to share the love of bottom!Harry with you all.

Seeing a list of only authors' names and summaries may be quite confusing at some time, I decided to do a fic-reccing bookmark thing. I must give the credit to dear renleek who introduced the fantastic use of online bookmarks to me. (More precisely, I discovered her Delicious account before we got to know each other. Her Delicious page is one of the biggest bottom!Harry online bookmarks I have ever known, which was quite an eye opener to me back then.) I began to use Delicious around November in 2011 to help remember and save fics those I have read, and it's very useful while I'm in search of some specific fic. But before long I discovered appleling's, as some of you may already know, Diigo account and I was quickly fascinated by how organized her online bookmarks looked. So I moved my collections to Diigo around July last year, not able to resist the temptation of composing an organized bottom!Harry bookmark myself. Here I would like to introduce my Diigo page to you who enjoy bottom!Harry fics as immensely as I did and think tagging systems come quite handy most of the time. :D

>>My bottom!Harry Diigo page<<

Please note the fact that I may just be able to rec a limited amount of fics to you seeing that I started reading HP fanfics in September 2011, which may be relatively new compared to most of you. Also, my not-so-quick reading speed is one of the deciding factor to result in this. (Um...English is not my mother tongue. *hey stop using excuses*) And since I'm likely to miss the chances of reading old good fics (due to the taken down of a HP archive site, or the authors just don't want to share them any more, etc.), most of the links I bookmarked would be more recent ones. Draco/Harry will be the main pairing while other slash parings involving Harry will be included too. And rest assured, I will add more fics to it soon! (Just, converting them from previous accounts to this one needs quite *some* time, sigh) Feel free to follow, to stalk, or to bookmark!

Any questions? *twinkle eyes*

* For the first time user of Diigo, please select a pairing tag before you roaming it. The information of the lists one specific fic was included in will appear under the fic's link.
** You can find the original of some references to h/d cliche/tropes here@hd_cliche and here@hd_tropes.

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Working on a rec list. Opinions?

I'm working on a bottom!Harry bookmark list. I would like to hear from you lovely bottom!Harry lover, seeing that there're some people stalking paying close attention to the LJ lists.

Here comes the question. Would you like the list to include as many fics as possible so long as it's bottom!Harry. Or do you prefer lengthy, plotty, quality ones? Would you like some comments or doesn't matter, links and author and title will do?

Don't be shy, I won't bite. ;p